Luke Chmilenko

I live in Burlington, Ontario with my wife, Daughter, and our two cats, where I write full time on my various series.

I was a big fan of the early LitRPG genre, first being introduced to the genre with the D. Rus’s ‘Play to Live’ series and eventually falling in love with Brent Roth’s ‘Dragon’s Wrath’ series. However with the genre being so young, I eventually ran out of books to read after consuming nearly everything there was! So naturally, I decided to try my hand at writing my own LitRPG series as a small hobby to pass the time and started my first book as a web serial, only to find it completely exploding as time went on!

Today I have three books out in my Ascend Online series and I am excitedly working away on the fourth! I have also started a brand new series – The Shattered Reigns – with the awesome Bryce O’Connor and currently have one book out in it. Stay tuned for more information on my various works as I continue to write and when you can catch my next book!